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elements-of-a-contract Contracts

What To Know About A Legally-Binding Contract

When it comes to business, contracts are going to be a focus, especially if you have connected with clients and other businesses. When establishing a ...
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letter-of-intent-to-purchase-a-business Buying and Selling Businesses

Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business

In the context of a business acquisition, a letter of intent (LOI) is a document that defines the preliminary terms of the transaction and formalizes ...
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no-shop-clause-meaning Buying and Selling Businesses

No Shop Clauses in M&A

What is a no-shop clause? A non-shop clause, also known as an “exclusivity clause”, is a provision often included in business contracts, particularly in merger ...
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area-development-agreement-meaning Franchises

Area development agreement in franchises

An Area Development Agreement (ADA) is a type of franchise agreement in which a franchisee has the right and responsibility to open a certain number ...
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subfranchise-meaning Franchises

Subfranchise: How do master franchises work?

As a huge corporation having thousands of locations around the world, imagine how complicated it would be to personally vet and recruit franchisees. This is ...
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questions-to-ask-a-franchisor Franchises

What is a franchisor? Meaning, Roles, Pros and Cons.

For sure, you know giant food chains such as McDonald’s or Popeyes, multimillionaire franchise restaurants that have expanded throughout the world. These companies are owned ...
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oak-brook-franchise-contract-lawyer Franchises

Questions to Ask a Franchisor

Buying a franchise is an exciting and promising venture that comes with several advantages. Having access to a proven business model and benefiting from a ...
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chicago franchise attorney Business Law

Corporate Transparency Act: How it will affect your small business

Starting to be effective on January 1st, 2024, the new law known as the Corporate Transparency Act requires certain companies to disclose private information to ...
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small business attorney chicago Uncategorized

Protecting your business as it’s growing

Launching a new business that you are passionate about can be an exciting time. After all, you may have been thinking about starting a business ...
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We Make It Easy Franchises

Licensing vs Franchising

When licensing or franchising a brand, both business models will allow a third party to profit from the use of intellectual property for a fee. ...
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startup attorneys geneva il Uncategorized

Assignment and assumption agreement

What is an assignment and assumption agreement? An assignment and assumption agreement is a contract that allows one of the parties to transfer their contractual ...
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Financial due diligence

What is M&A financial due diligence? Financial due diligence refers to the process of inspecting a target business’s financial performance to verify its value and ...
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