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Do Not Strip the Rights of Children with Disabilities During Covid-19 Crisis

Dear family, friends, colleagues, and anyone who reads this. I need your help. The Covid-19 Crisis is a difficult time for all of us. We
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Are Contracts Legally Binding?

As a contract lawyer, many clients ask me if their contracts are legally binding. By definition, if an agreement meets the requirements of a contract,
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2 faces Contracts

When Do You Negotiate a Contract?

Contract negotiations sound intimidating. Whether you hire a contract negotiation lawyer or negotiate on your own, there are many strategies you can utilize to get
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judge Contracts

Who Enforces Contracts?

Who enforces contracts? Judges. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it is judges who enforce contracts. This is why it is important to involve
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Danya Shakfeh Uncategorized

Danya Shakfeh Selected As A ‘Rising Star’ By Super Lawyers

Danya Shakfeh has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers once again for the 6th year in a row. The Rising Stars list
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Can Contracts Automatically Renew?

If you read your contract carefully, you may find a clause that reads something to the effect of: Automatic Renewal. This Agreement shall be automatically
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Top 4 Reasons Some Contracts Stink

Contracts are an essential part of both our professional and personal lives. As humans, we deal with contracts almost daily, often without even realizing it.
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giraffe Contracts

Top 3 Contract Myths

Contracts are an essential part of both our professional and personal lives. As civil contract lawyers, we deal with contracts almost daily, often without even
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best way to negotiate Contracts

The Best Way To Negotiate a Contract According to a Chicago Small Business Attorney

As a Chicago small business attorney, negotiating skills are paramount to my practice. If you listen to or read work by negotiation thought leaders, you
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justice hammer Business Law

What Happens When I Get Sued? The Phases of Litigation

Clients often come to me with many misconceptions about lawsuits. For one, they tend to think that lawsuits do not last very long. I blame
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Do I have a Breach of Contract Case?

By Ronnie Farhat, Esq. In a perfect world, all contracts we enter into would go accordingly to plan. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect and breaches
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Ask a Contract Attorney: What is a Standard Contract?

It’s a total contract myth that there are ‘standard’ contracts or contract terms. I’ve even heard other attorneys improperly stating that parties can not agree
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