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Tampa Start-Ups and Business Lawyer

Using a Lawyer to Start or Grow Your Business

Our experienced attorneys provide legal guidance to start-ups and small businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area, helping them lay a strong foundation for success. Tampa is home to over 80,000 small businesses, contributing significantly to Florida’s economy.

The Tampa Bay area has seen a 3.6% annual growth rate in new businesses, higher than the national average of 2.5%. 

We understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Tampa and are dedicated to providing tailored legal solutions that align with their goals and protect their interests. Our services cover a wide range of legal aspects essential for start-ups, including:

  • Choosing the appropriate business structure
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Navigating employment law considerations
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Securing funding and investment

Our knowledgeable attorneys work closely with start-ups to develop effective legal strategies that minimize risks and foster growth. Whether you need assistance with forming your business entity, safeguarding your innovative ideas, or complying with industry-specific regulations, we have the expertise to guide you through the process.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, serving as trusted advisors as they navigate the various stages of their business journey. We combine our in-depth understanding of business law with a pragmatic approach, helping start-ups make informed decisions and achieve their objectives.

If you are starting a business in Tampa or the surrounding areas, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Riverview, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Plant City, New Port Richey, and Largo, Motiva Business Law is here to support you. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing the legal guidance you need to establish a strong foundation and position your start-up for long-term success.

Motiva Business Law Offers

We Can Help You With

  • Startups & Business Formation:  start off on the right foot. We will help you determine the business entity with the most tax benefits and advantages according to your business needs. 
  • Business Law: We help our clients maintain the day-to-day legal aspects of their business deals.
  • LLCs:  we help you to set up your business and assist you in any legal need regarding your Limited Liability Company. 
  • Partnerships (LLP):  does your business have multiple owners? Our business formation attorney will ensure the profit distribution is fair and help you avoid future conflicts. 
  • Corporations:  whether you are an S-corp or C-corp, we make sure you understand your responsibilities as a shareholder of a corporation. 

Experience the Benefits of Working with Motiva Business Law

  • Fixed Fees:  for most startup services, we offer flat fees so you can budget more easily. 
  • Continual Communication:  we will continue to keep you updated while working on the formation of your business.
  • Law Made Simple: we will explain everything to you in terms you can understand so you can make the best decisions possible.
  • Personalized Solutions:  our services are strategically aligned with your personal and business goals.

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What Our Clients Say

I needed a good business lawyer and searched online. Motiva Business Law stood out with its good customer reviews and positive feedback. That's why I chose her, and I'm happy. I needed answers on how to start a small business, and I was surprised that she had answers even for my chaotic questions. I certainly recommend her.
Veneta I.
Danya was a big help in setting up my business. I had worked with other attorneys before that didn’t get it right. Motiva Law communicated better, responded quicker, and completed the complicated process with no issues.
Peter C.
It was a pleasure to have had attorney Shakfeh help us with the legal side of setting up a business. The requirements, timeline and expectations were clearly laid out from beginning to end- and the result was exactly as we discussed. Everything was presented and finalized in a timely manner.
Anahied D.

Tampa Start-Ups and Business Law FAQ

The most common business structures for start-ups in Tampa include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. The choice depends on factors such as personal liability, tax obligations, and ownership distribution.

Intellectual property protection is crucial for Tampa start-ups to maintain a competitive edge, prevent others from copying or profiting from their innovations, and attract potential investors. Safeguarding intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, helps start-ups preserve the value of their unique ideas and brands.

Key employment law considerations for Tampa start-ups include complying with hiring practices, employee classification, compensation, benefits, and termination procedures. Developing legally compliant contracts, handbooks, and policies is essential to minimize potential legal risks and foster a positive work environment.

To ensure contracts and agreements are legally sound, Tampa start-ups should work with experienced attorneys who can draft, review, and negotiate these documents. Attorneys can help identify necessary contracts, ensure fair terms, and protect the start-up’s interests in various agreements, such as founder agreements, NDAs, and vendor contracts.

Tampa start-ups must navigate a complex web of federal, state, and local regulations governing various aspects of their operations. These may include obtaining business licenses and permits, complying with industry-specific regulations, and adhering to data privacy laws. Consulting with an attorney can help start-ups identify and address their regulatory obligations.

Common funding options for Tampa start-ups include bootstrapping (self-funding), angel investments, venture capital, and small business loans. Each option has its own legal implications and requirements, making it important for start-ups to seek legal guidance when securing funding.

A business lawyer can assist Tampa start-ups in securing funding by structuring and negotiating investment deals, drafting legal documents such as a private placement memo, and ensuring compliance with securities laws and regulations. They can help start-ups make informed decisions, protect their interests, and navigate the legal aspects of various funding options.

Tampa start-ups should consult with a business lawyer as early as possible in their entrepreneurial journey. Seeking legal guidance from the outset can help start-ups make informed decisions, avoid potential legal pitfalls, and establish a strong foundation for growth and success.

Motiva Business Law sets itself apart by combining in-depth knowledge of business law with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by start-ups in the Tampa Bay area. Our attorneys provide tailored legal solutions, build long-term relationships with clients, and offer pragmatic advice to help start-ups achieve their goals.

To get started with Motiva Business Law, Tampa start-ups can visit our “Practice Areas” page to learn more about our services or contact us directly to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We are dedicated to providing the legal guidance and support start-ups need to succeed in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

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