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Business Lawyers

Our business attorneys work to protect your business, dreams, and future, so you can focus on growth.

Startups • Contracts • Mergers and Acquisitions • Franchises

Owning a small business in Chicago is already a huge responsibility. Business owners would rather focus on growing their businesses, than trying to figure out the legal stuff. That's why our business lawyers are here.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can rely on Motiva Business Law, one of the best corporate law firms in Chicago, where they will find a lawyer to guide them and provide support, so they can confidently start any business venture. 


We'll focus on the legal stuff, so you can focus on your business. 


Corporate Law Services for Small Businesses in Chicago

Our Illinois business law firm can help you with:


Business Formation

If you’re starting a business, we can guide you through the business entity that suits your needs and protects your assets.


We help you write, review, or negotiate the contracts you will need for your company’s operations and ensure you’re entering a fair deal.


If you plan to sell or buy a business, our Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services will help you carry out that process smoothly.


Franchising plans? We will help you understand your obligations as a franchisee and make sure the franchisor is not violating your rights.

Why choose our business attorneys?

Our business law attorneys' priority is your small business. We work so you can:

Make more informed decisions

With our legal advice, we’ll make sure you’re making the right decisions to keep you protected, so you can focus on the growth of your business and fulfilling your dreams.

Enhance your operations

Through contracts and the right procedures, we ensure you will have a healthy, long-term relationship with your partners, suppliers, and everyone involved in your business so that every transaction goes smoothly.

Save money and keep peace of mind

Legal disputes are expensive and can kill your business. But with our lawyers by your side, you can stay ahead of the game and avoid expensive lawsuits.

Why are small business owners in Chicago happy with our corporate lawyers?
Here are their reviews

    Our awards

    We provide the best legal assistance for your small business. Our awards are living proof of our quality services.

    The best things about working with our corporate law firm are

    Responsive Attorney

    According to industry reports, the number one complaint clients have about their lawyers is a lack of communication. At Motiva Business Law, you will not have that problem. Our business law attorneys are constantly communicating with our closely-held clients and will never ghost you.

    Prevention-oriented firm

    Our Illinois business law firm takes measures to protect you in the long term. Our business attorney will create your strategy to mitigate or prevent bad outcomes for your business in Chicago.

    Easy to understand

    The attorney will break down each key aspect of your business matter and make sure you understand your rights and obligations as a small business owner. No law-lingo. Just what you need to know.

    Flat fees

    For contract writing, reviews, and most business documents, our clients will pay a transparent flat fee, so they can budget more easily.

    Our people

    Our small business attorney is here to protect your company's future

    Danya Shakfeh

    Business Attorney


    Award-winning lawyer


    Our corporate attorney has done an exceptional job looking after her clients’ interests. Danya Shakfeh is a Muslim attorney that has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for nine consecutive years. This award is given to less
    than 2.5% of attorneys.

    Over a decade of experience

    Through the years, business strategy attorney Danya Shakfeh has been able to save hundreds of dollars from businesses in Chicago by preventing business disputes and ensuring they take the best decisions for their companies

    buying or selling a business

    Meet our business lawyer

    Meet Danya Shakfeh, Islamic business lawyer, founding attorney of Motiva Business Law. 



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can a corporate lawyer do for my small business in Chicago?

    We provide outsourced general counsel for small businesses. Motiva Business Law’s attorneys offer a wide range of services for small business owners:

    •We provide business advice, so you can decrease your risk.

    •Our corporate law firm writes and reviews contracts, operating and shareholder agreements, and other necessary documents that will ensure healthy client relationships and the best protection against disputes and legal issues among Chicago business owners

    •Helping you with the regulatory compliance of your business transactions and operations.

    •Conducting due diligence in business transactions, so you can make informed business decisions.

    What kind of clients does the law firm serve?

    Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

    ● Technology
    ● Manufacturing
    ● Restaurants
    ● Retail
    ● Construction
    ● Services

    What happens at the consultation?

    In the consultation, the business attorney will learn more about your matter, give you guidance, and discuss your options.

    Does the firm charge flat fees or hourly?

    In most situations, our firm charges fixed fees. When there are many unknowns, the firm charges hourly. Contract writing and reviews and most business startup documents are billed using flat fees.

    Why do I need to pay for a consultation?

    Paying a consultation fee is the way our corporate law firm guarantees that you will receive the best service and expert legal guidance. When you pay for your consultation, the lawyer is able to allocate resources to provide you with the high-quality guidance your small business deserves.

    Do I have to go to the office for a consultation?

    You can have a meeting with the business attorney by Zoom or go to our law office, located at 2021 Midwest Rd 60523 in Oak Brook, Illinois.

    Which areas does the corporate law firm serve?

    From our office in Oak Brook, Illinois, our business lawyer serves businesses throughout the area, including, but not limited to: DuPage County, Cook County, Chicago Il, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Darien, Downers Grove, Lombard, Willowbrook, Westchester, Villa Park, Addison, Bensenville, and Elk Grove Village.

    We are business lawyers who protect your business, dreams, and future.