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Confidently engage in business relationships knowing your company is protected. 

Your business contracts in the right hands

As a business owner, you will need to work with partners, vendors, employees, customers, and other parties to make your business grow. For this reason, your company relies on strategic contracts that are aligned with your business goals and by which all parties abide. 

Commercial contracts can have complex legal terms that you may not fully understand and that can cause unexpected issues for your company. But with the legal assistance of our Oak Brook business contract lawyer, you can confidently engage in beneficial business relationships and have successful transactions. 

Our attorney will provide guidance and assist with any commercial contract or legal document you need. She will clearly define the terms of the transaction and ensure you understand your rights and obligations, and take the necessary steps to avoid business disputes.

With more than 12 years of experience, we have created effective agreements for businesses of all sizes that operate in a variety of industries. From technology companies to restaurants, we will draft the contracts for your business formation, franchise, business acquisition, or any transaction you are involved with.

Contract review, drafting, and negotiation

From the start of your business, you will require to enter a variety of agreements that will define the standing of your business and your role within it. The owners of an LLC will need an operating agreement that defines their contribution to the company and the procedures to follow in case there is a conflict. It is likely that you need a lease agreement for the physical operations of your business.  You may also engage in B2B contracts that will help you improve your supply chain. 

With our knowledge and experience, our business contract lawyer can provide you with the legal help you need regarding new and existing contractual agreements for your business in Oak Brook and Chicago.


I need a contract review

Our Chicago contract lawyer will go over the contracts that you already have in place and identify any legal issues that need to be addressed. If your needs are not satisfied with the contract, we can help you renegotiate the terms and ensure that your agreements will be legally enforceable.

I need to write a contract

We can assist in writing commercial contracts that fully describe the rights and obligations of both parties while using terms that will be enforceable in a potential contract dispute. We will ensure that your contracts are comprehensive, addressing your needs and concerns and providing you with an understanding of how to proceed if one party does not meet their contractual obligations.

I need to negotiate a contract

Before you enter an agreement, we can ensure that you fully understand its terms, and we will help you identify any issues that may cause concerns in the future. We will assist in negotiating with the other party to ensure that the contract will provide you with the protections you need.

How we make it easier for your company

Our objective is to handle every detail of your transactions so you have peace of mind and can focus on your business. Our contract law firm in Burr Ridge will take care of your agreement so you can ensure:

  • Your contract is fair and strategically aligned with your business objectives
  • You are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities and the implications of the commercial contract
  • The potential risks of entering the contract are mitigated and properly addressed
  • Your company is protected and the contract contains specific provisions to prevent possible legal issues

Types of business contracts our law firm handles

The following are some of the contracts we can help your small business in Chicago with:

Why choose us?

  • Flat Fee Chicago Contract Lawyer For most services, you will be charged with a flat fee. You don’t have to worry about unexpected charges or hourly rates because we will set a one-time fee before you hire us.
  • We are responsive attorneys One of the most usual compliments we receive from our clients is our quality of being communicative and always willing to answer any questions. Our systems are designed to be in constant contact with you.
  • Our strategic business contracts We do not just write contracts, we devise strategic plans that work specifically for your company. Our services are founded on the synergy of your personal and professional goals so we always prioritize your needs.
  • Long-term results Our contracts and other legal services are designed to produce endurable results that foresee and prevent legal issues that may appear in the long term.

Meet our contract attorney Danya Shakfeh

Awarded lawyer

For 9 consecutive years, Danya has received the Rising Star badge from Super Lawyers, due to her excellence in her legal services.

More than 12 years of contract law experience

Danya has helped hundreds of business owners write, review, and negotiate contracts that have helped them grow their operations and protect their interests.

How our contract law services work

2. Speak with a Chicago contract lawyer

We will take the proper amount of time to listen to your concerns and devise a strategy aligned to your business objectives.

3. Get the help you need for your transaction

We will tell you the costs of our services before you decide to hire us. Once you agree, we will immediately start with the drafting, review ,or contract negotiation process.

Contract FAQs

What is a contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement that specifies mutual rights and obligations between two or more parties. Contracts are considered the foundation of the business world, for they are the axis of transactions. A contract defines the legal obligations of the parties and provides sections that outline how to terminate the agreement, as well as the consequences of not abiding by its rules. 

A carefully drafted contract will also include strategic provisions that will protect parties from potential risks and disputes.

How do I know if my contract is valid?

To be binding in a court of law, the contract must contain the following elements:

  • Mutual assent: Each party consented to be part of the agreement.
  • Offer and acceptance: One party made an offer to the other, and the latter accepted that offer. 
  • Consideration: There is something of value provided in exchange for the offer.
  • Capacity: All parties have the ability to knowingly enter into the contract.
  • Legal purpose: The contract cannot force people to do something illegal. 

Do I need an attorney to write or review a business contract?

A contract does not need to be written by a lawyer to be enforceable. However, only an experienced contract lawyer will be capable of drafting a suitable agreement and adding provisions that will address specific concerns and mitigate risk. 

Getting involved in a business contract without the legal advice of an attorney can have severe consequences. You may receive unfair compensation for your services, get involved in costly disputes with the other parties, be sued, and face other legal issues with onerous financial consequences. The cost of hiring a transactional attorney who will ensure you are in a fair position and free of legal risks is minimum, compared to the cost of going to court.

Why is it a good idea to get contracts in writing?

A contract in writing provides proof of the terms both parties agreed upon, which contributes to reducing the possibility of a dispute. With a written contract, the expectations of the agreement are clearly defined and that facilitates collaboration between parties or the mediation of a third party, if necessary.

What should I do before entering a contract?

Before entering a contract, you should carefully read the entire document, and take special attention to concepts or provisions that you do not understand. The best practice is to rely on the legal assistance of a contract review lawyer that will thoroughly examine the contract, assess how the agreement will impact your business, and negotiate, if necessary, more beneficial terms for you. 

How old do you need to be to enter a contract?

In most states, a person needs to be at least 18 years old to enter a contract. Also, this person needs to have “competency”, which means that the individual understands they are entering into a contract and has a general idea of its nature.

What laws govern contracts?

The basic law of contracts, which has been developed over centuries, is called common law. State statutory law also governs contracts, while federal law applies to contracts with the federal government. For contracts that involve the sale of goods, most state laws abide by the Uniform Commercial Code. Also, a contract may be subject to international law.

What kind of businesses does the business negotiation law firm serve?

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

● Manufacturing
● Technology
● Restaurants and hospitality businesses
● Retail
● Construction
● Services

In what area does the law firm serve? 

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

● Oak Brook
● DuPage County
● Cook County
● Chicago
● Will County
● Elmhurst
● Geneva
● Oak Park
● Hinsdale
● Burr Ridge
● Darien
● Downers Grove 
● Lombard
● Willowbrook 
● Westchester
● Villa Park 
● Addison
● Bensenville
● Elk Grove Village