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Business Contract Lawyer

Business Contract Lawyer

Contracts are important because they outline terms and conditions so all parties are on the same page.  By having solid contracts, business owners can avoid disputes that often arise when terms are not clear.  Contracts can also keep you out of court, saving you a great deal of time and money.  Our law firm has experience with both domestic and international contracts.  At Motiva Business Law, our Chicago business contract attorneys can help with:

Contract Reviews:  we ensure the contract you’re entering is written in your best interest and also explain the terms in language you can understand.

Contract Writing:  our contract lawyers will write the agreements your business needs to continue growing.  Our Firm will do everything we can to make sure your business is protected. 

Contract Negotiation:  not quite satisfied with your deal? We help you arrange a fair agreement that aligns with your goals and best interests. 

Contracts We Can Help You With

B2B Contracts

Business-to-client Contracts

Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

Sale and Purchase Agreements

Franchise Agreements

Terms and Conditions

Work Strategically

Our contracts are aligned with your goals and are designed to ensure that your business continues to grow without any legal hassles. 

Prevent Legal Hazards

We put safeguards in place to prevent legal disputes and other liabilities that could cost you considerable time and money. 

Protect Business Relationships

Make sure you, your business partners, or collaborators are on the same page and are able to minimize disputes. 

Experience the Benefits of Working with Motiva Business Law

  • Fixed Fees:  For your convenience, when possible, we offer a fixed fee that you will be informed of before hiring our services.
  • Continual Communication:  Our contract attorneys will inform you of the progress of your matter and ask for your feedback.
  • Law Made Simple: Our business contract lawyers will explain in detail the implications of entering the deal.
  • Experienced Strategy:  Our contract services are done according to your objectives and aim at the growth of your business. 

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What Our Clients Say

Motiva Business Law was fast, efficient, and extremely responsive to all of our questions and needs. I especially appreciated that Danya took the time to explain things to us, and that she had technology that made reviewing boring legal documents easier. I will most definitely use Motiva again and highly recommend them based on my positive contract experience.
Laurie L.
I asked Danya to review a lease contract for me. Instead, she went out of her way and wrote a whole new lease agreement, which was way better than the one I had. It was very well written, addressed every detail, and clearly spelled out all the rights and obligations of the parties involved, all in a clear and concise manner. She is an amazing business lawyer. I definitely recommend her.
Samar H.
Danya was very professional in our work with her and she really does go above and beyond. I would definitely recommend her to others seeking a qualified attorney to assist with drafting a business contract.
Mona E.

Business Contracts FAQ

Business contracts have two main purposes: 1) to spell out the parties’ obligations and rights and 2) to protect the parties in case there is a breach. Accordingly, each contract should at least have a clear start date, end date or event, clear scope and fees, representations and warranties (or disclaimers), and should clearly state the parties. Additional helpful terms include confidentiality clauses, non-solicitation clauses, and rights in case of a breach.

You “can” use a template but it’s not the best approach, especially when there is a lot of risk. Every transaction is different and templates do not take that into account. In our experience, one of the biggest reasons businesses end up in court is due to not having a contract that is specific to their own situation.

Business contracts clearly spell out everyone’s rights and duties so there is no “he-said/she-said” disputes later on. Also, clearly outlining the parties representations and warranties allow for clear remedies if there is a lawsuit.

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