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Naperville Contract Review Lawyer

Confidently enter any agreement knowing that you are getting the most favorable deal. 


Your contracts are the foundation of your business

When you have smooth business relationships with your partners, vendors, employees, or clients, it directly reflects on your company’s performance. A large degree of your profitability relies on having solid business contracts. 

We want to make sure that you get the most from your transactions at the least amount of risk. Our contract review lawyer counsels businesses and commercial clients from Naperville and Chicago to ensure their legal documents are written in the most beneficial terms and are effectively implemented. With the contract attorneys of Motiva Business Law by your side, you will sign any commercial agreement confidently, knowing that you are getting fair compensation for your services and your interests are protected.  

Why business owners need to review their contracts

Frequently, business owners engage in agreements without fully understanding the implications of their decision. Some even use standard contracts that do not address the issues of their specific situation. Once you sign a contract, you are legally bound, which means that any failure to comply with the agreement can have a serious impact on your finances and even lead to draining lawsuits or disputes. 

Regardless of the type of agreement you are entering, or whether you or the opposing party drafted it, an experienced contract review attorney will improve the agreement to your advantage. 

Before you decide to move forward with the deal, there are some concerns you must analyze:

  • Are you aware of your rights and responsibilities as part of the agreement?
  • Do you and the opposing party have the same understanding of their roles and duties?
  • Are the terms in the contract fair and beneficial for you? Are there any areas of improvement?
  • Are you aware of the risks and liabilities your organization may encounter after entering the contract?
  • Is your business protected in the event of a failure to comply with the contract?
  • Is this contract aligned with your professional goals and your specific industry?
  • Can your contract be enforced under Illinois contract law?

Our contract review services

As a business owner in Chicago, you will encounter a wide variety of enforceable contracts that are critical for the operations of your business and its protection. Some of the documents we can help you review include:

  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions agreements
  • Contractor agreements
  • LLC operating agreements
  • Commercial Lease Agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Techology contracts
  • Vendor, supplier, and equipment contracts
  • Terms of service and privacy policies
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Customer and sales contracts

The benefits of a document review

Examining your legal documents and verifying if they are updated can be a game-changer for your company. A flat fee contract review is a worthy investment, knowing that this procedure significantly reduces the possibility of expensive and time-consuming litigation issues. 

Some of the advantages of reviewing your business contracts with Motiva Business Law are:

  • Company protection Your company is safe from potential lawsuits or legal issues between you and the opposing parties. Your contract addresses and prevents any potential issues that may arise.
  • Growth The profitability of your company increases by building beneficial business relationships and expanding your network.
  • Fair deals You receive a fair payment for your services and enter an agreement that is affordable for you and your company
  • Clarity Your contracts accurately describe your expectations and the deal you agreed to. You and the other parties are on the same page. Also, the language of the legal document is not ambiguous and can be interpreted by the court as intended.

Meet our contract review attorney Danya Shakfeh

Awarded lawyer

For 9 consecutive years, Danya has received the Rising Star badge from Super Lawyers, due to her excellence in her legal services.

More than 12 years of experience with business contracts

Motiva Business Law’s founding attorney has helped thousands of business owners in Hinsdale and Chicago navigate through business transactions and complex agreements. 

Why choose us

  • Flat fee contract review Before you hire us, you will be informed of the cost of our legal services, which are typically handled as one-time fixed fees.
  • Responsive attorneys We will immediately take care of your matter and constantly inform you about its progress. We are also interested in your feedback and open to any modifications that are in your best legal interest.
  • Clear communication We explain in simple terms the implications of your agreement and stay attentive in case you have any questions. Our Arabic-speaking attorney in Naperville will ensure you understand each key concept of your contractual agreement.
  • Strategic contracts Our services are structured based on your personal and professional goals. Our business lawyers aim for long-term results for a worthy investment.

How our legal contract review services work

1. Book a meeting

You can either fill out our form or call us so we can schedule your paid consultation. You can meet in person with the contract lawyer, at our offices in Oak Brook, or book a virtual meeting.

2. Talk to an attorney

We will listen to your current situation and learn more about your business. We care about your personal and professional goals! Once we understand your needs, we devise a strategy accordingly.

3. Contract review

We thoroughly review your legal document and analyze its benefits, the risks involved, its enforceability, and your role within it.

We explain to you the implications of the agreement and suggest improvements. If necessary, we can also help you negotiate the terms for a more favorable outcome.

Contract Review FAQs

How long does it take a lawyer to review a contract?

Multiple factors impact the time it takes for a lawyer to review a contract, such as the complexity of the deal, the length of the contract, the needs of the client, or the type of transaction. 

Typically, it can take more than 5 business days for a lawyer to review a contract. However, if the contract requires any negotiation, this process can take weeks or months, depending on the flexibility of the opposing party.

What are the elements to review in a contract? Contract review checklist:

Some of the elements a lawyer analyzes in a contract review include:

Language: The attorney ensures the terms are clear and not left to misinterpretation. Also, the contract has correct grammar and spelling.

Terms of the agreement: A lawyer assesses how reasonable and realistic the expectations stated in the contract are, according to both parties’ backgrounds. The attorney also ensures the scope of work or services provided are clearly defined, as well as the payment details and performance dates.  

Termination and Renewal: An attorney observes whether the contract can automatically renew and in what terms it can occur. Also, ensures the client is aware of how can the contractual agreement end and the procedure to follow in that event.

Confidentiality: The treatment of any sensitive information that will be shared during the agreement.  

Limit of liability: The lawyer analyzes whether the risks derived from the contract are evenly allocated.  She also verifies any indemnification clauses that determine how the party will compensate the other for any loss related to the transaction.  

Restricting covenants: A contract may include clauses that restrict the actions of the parties. A lawyer will inform the client what actions are prohibited, so there are no accidental misconducts. 

Dispute resolution: With the help of a contract review lawyer, a business owner can reduce the possibility of going to court or facing expensive disputes. The attorney will ensure there are existing clauses that will define alternative procedures to solve disagreements.  

What kind of businesses does the law firm serve?

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

● Manufacturing
● Technology
● Restaurants and hospitality businesses
● Retail
● Construction
● Services

In what area does the law firm serve?

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

● Oak Brook

● Naperville

● DuPage County

● Cook County

● Chicago

● Will County

● Elmhurst

● Geneva

● Oak Park

● Hinsdale

● Burr Ridge

● Darien

● Downers Grove

● Lombard

● Willowbrook

● Westchester

● Villa Park

● Addison

● Bensenville

● Elk Grove Village