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how to franchise a restaurant Franchises

How to franchise a restaurant

Franchising your restaurant is an excellent method to maximize the profitability of your business and expand your brand awareness. Make the process a lot easier ...
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Business-seller-financing Buying and Selling Businesses

Seller financing: Complete guide for business buyers and sellers

One of the most resorted strategies to fund a business acquisition is using seller financing. Through this method, buyers and sellers can agree to a ...
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LLC vs Corporation: Pros and Cons

One of the primary and most important decisions you need to make when starting a business is choosing the right business entity. Whether you opt ...
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Elements of a strong contract

Contracts are an essential component of any business, particularly if you have established relationships with other businesses or clients. When devising a strong business contract, ...
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merger-of-equals Uncategorized

Merger of Equals

Also known as MOE, a merger of equals occurs when two companies of a similar size combine to form a new entity. After a merger ...
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joint venture vs partnership differences Startup

Joint Venture vs Partnership: What are the differences?

A joint venture is an agreement in which two parties combine resources or expertise for a certain project or objective. In a partnership, two or ...
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questions-to-ask-a-franchisor Contracts

Website Legal Requirements

As a business owner, a website is an essential tool that will help you increase the brand awareness of your company and reach more potential ...
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what-is-contract-review Contracts

What is a Contract Review? How to review a contract

What is a contract review? A contract review is the process of thoroughly examining the key provisions of an agreement. The objective of a contract ...
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what-is-a-commercial-contract Contracts

What is a commercial contract?

What is a commercial contract? Commercial contracts are legally binding agreements that govern business transactions between two or more parties. Commercial agreements, also called “B2B” ...
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franchisee-vs-franchisor Uncategorized

Franchisee vs Franchisor

While a franchisor is the owner and administrator of a licensed business model, the franchisee operates the business and benefits from it by buying the ...
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what-is-transactional-law Business Law

Transactional Law

What is transactional law? Transactional law refers to the legal practices that guide commercial dealings between businesses and other companies, individuals, or organizations. This area ...
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how-to-get-a-loan-to-buy-a-business Buying and Selling Businesses

How to get a loan to buy a business

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