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Protecting your business as it’s growing

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Launching a new business that you are passionate about can be an exciting time. After all, you may have been thinking about starting a business for a long time and I finally decided to try it out. As the thrill and success build, do not forget that there are certain things you must do to protect your business as it’s growing. The last thing you want is to have not built a strong foundation from the start, which ultimately leads you to deal with an employment-related issue. When establishing your business, all laws should be considered and business people are encouraged to speak with a lawyer for further guidance. But for now, here are some tips to consider so that your creative idea is safeguarded and your business can thrive into the future.

Structuring Your Business

When registering your business with the state, you must choose a business structure. This choice will determine how much you pay in taxes, along with your degree of personal liability. You may pick between a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S Corporation, or Corporation. There are many factors to consider when choosing your business structure. Many businesses opt for an LLC since this separates their personal assets (vehicle, savings, and home), from business assets. Your lawyer can help you apply for a tax ID number and see to it that you have the licenses and permits required. 


With the limitless ways that hackers commit cyberattacks, you need to have technology that protects your sensitive information. Whether you are running your business through one device or several, securing your financial details and data will be of utmost importance. The law has become increasingly strict on companies that are not protecting employee and customer data as well, so cybersecurity must be a priority in the early stages of your business. Hackers have become even more adept at accessing and exposing private information.

Employee Contracts

Will you be handling the entirety of your business operations or do you plan on having employees? If you are going to hire workers for you, then you have to ensure that you are following contract laws and your responsibilities as an employer. Your employees have rights and you would be putting your business at risk if you violate them. Be sure to connect with an employment lawyer so that every aspect of hiring employees is covered, including code of conduct, health and safety, working hours, discrimination, and more. If you have employees on the property, you have to maintain a reasonably safe environment for them to reduce the occurrence of injury and/or illnesses.


As our friends at Cohen & Cohen would agree, starting up your business is supposed to be an optimistic time. But along with that, make sure you are protecting what you are building so that the future of your business success is secured. Your company structure, employee considerations, and cybersecurity are all important elements of every growing creative idea. 

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