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Contract Attorney Chicago

Strategic contracts that will protect your company and boost its full potential. 

How can our contract lawyer help you


Contract Review

Do not feel so sure about the deal you are entering? Our contract review attorney will make sure your agreement is settled in your best interest.

Contract Writing

We draft strategic contracts that will nurture your business relationships and keep you and your company protected.

Contract Negotiation

Not quite satisfied with your deal? Our contract negotiation attorney will work to obtain the best benefits for you.

Legal Contract Review, Draft and Negotiation Services

• Business Partnership Agreements
• Operating Agreements 
• Buy-Sell Agreements 
• Corporate Bylaws 

• B2B Contracts
• Scope of Work
• Client Contracts
• Master Services Agreements
• Shareholder Agreements
• Vendor Agreements
• Terms of Service
• Privacy Policies
• GDPR compliance

• Letters of intent
• Term Sheets
• Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

•Non Compete Agreement
• Purchase Agreements

• Franchise Agreement Review
• Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review

How we make it easier for your business

Boost the full potential of your business

Good deals bring great advantages to your business. We'll ensure you're entering a fair transaction.

Focus only on your company

You rain make, we handle your legal concerns.

Have zero legal worries

Keep peace of mind knowing that your business is free from legal hazards.

Danya Shakfeh

• Selected as a Rising Star lawyer for 9 consecutive years

• Over 12 years of experience

• Has helped many business owners to save hundreds of dollars by ensuring they take the best legal decisions for their companies. 

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