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What is a PLLC?

A professional limited liability company, or PLLC, is a kind of business structure that offers personal asset protection to a group of licensed professionals whose business provides the same type of services.

The Illinois Articles of Organization is the name given to a legal document that is required to formally register a limited liability company in this state. This document provides the Illinois Secretary of State with the essential information to start..

What are articles of incorporation?

Articles of incorporation consist of a set of documents that are required to legally form a corporation. A corporation, which can be taxed as an S Corp or a C Corp, is a business entity..
A corporation and a limited liability company (LLC) are different types of business entities that offer their own benefits. Depending on how you would like ownership, taxation, and management to look for your business, you can select a..

If you have a self-made, self-owned business, the connection that you have with your work is likely more than just business. Small business owners typically view their work as more than just a job. In many cases, it is..