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“David and Goliath” is a tale as old as time and our society tends to root for David. David is small but agile, strategic, and resourceful. Goliath is large and slow. David wins his battle with Goliath by finding his weak spot and strategically aiming for it.

Law firms are not much different. Larger firms are slow, stuck in their ways, and mired in internal politics. At Motiva Business Law, we are a smaller firm but, like David, are quick and agile. In addition to being up to date with the latest legal technology to efficiently serve our clients, we roll up our sleeves and get straight to the important issues without wasting our clients’ time and money. We value strategy and thoughtfulness over pompous and show. And we have successfully negotiated with and litigated against larger and more experienced firms.

Our client, who was a former contractor for a larger company can attest to this. He received a cease and desist letter for allegedly violating a non-compete clause. The employer was represented by a well-known international law firm. Attorney Danya Shakfeh responded to the employer’s aggressive letter with facts and caselaw. Despite the employer’s attorney’s all-bark-but-no-bite language, the employer eventually backed off seeing that they had no case against our client and our client was thus freely able to provide for his family.

In another case, Attorney Shakfeh represented her client against a mid-size firm that specialized in the type of legal case that was before the court. The opposing party tried to claim several thousand dollars against our client. In the end, not only did the opposing party end up with nothing, but this firm that specializes in this area of law had to revamp their internal protocol for handling these types of cases because Attorney Shakfeh caught a mistake in their legal strategy.

When we file a complaint with the court, we are extremely thoughtful and deliberate in how we form the claims. We do all the research beforehand and have successfully anticipated most arguments when defendants try to dismiss our claims. This means that our clients get to proceed as they survive any attempts by a defendant to dismiss our claims out of court. These cases range from medium-range cases to cases worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In another case, Attorney Danya Shakfeh was hired on a case that had two previous attorneys assisting the client. Neither of the past two attorneys could move the case past the defendant’s motion to dismiss. The client’s case had merit but the fact pattern was tricky. Attorney Shakfeh employed a creative legal strategy when drafting her complaint and not only got the case past a motion to dismiss, but ultimately won the client a 5-figure settlement.

There is no shortage of examples of our successes both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We advocate for our clients while providing excellent customer service.