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3 Ways a Small Business Law Firm Understands Its Small Business Clients

Small businesses comprise a great deal of my client base. I incorporate their businesses, draft their contracts, and represent them in court. Our law firm is also a small business. This gives me a great deal of insight when serving my clients. The things I learn as my own business grows, I enjoying sharing with my clients – whether it be legal advice or practical advice. Here are 3 tips that I share with my clients.

  1. As a small business, I learn what type of things to include in contracts. Dealing with clients and third parties, I know the basic conflicts and communication issues that often arise. Ultimately, contracts are meant to memorialize relationships in the hopes of avoiding conflict. As I’ve learned the triggers that lead to conflict in my own practice, I have learned how to approach to drafting contracts for my clients as well.
  2. Incorporating is incredibly important for businesses. However, incorporating goes beyond simply filing papers with the state. There are often partnership dynamics, tax considerations, and other business considerations. Our own law firm consists of a partnership and we structured our firm with certain tax considerations in mind. I then have the benefit of imparting this wisdom onto our clients as well when helping clients choose how to incorporate and how to deal with business partners.
  3. I value professionalism in both my professional and personal life. I like good customer service, punctuality, and a job done right. I expect nothing less for myself and I understand how important appearing professional is important for my small business clients. I know that when I draft a contract for my client, it needs to look clean and be easy to read. I know that when I create the formal documents for an incorporation, it is done in a professional manner. Even when I represent my small business clients in court, it is important for the opposing counsel or judge to sense that my client is professional as a result of good choice of counsel.

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