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Business Contract Review Lawyer

We ensure your contracts contain the most beneficial terms for your business

What do our contract review services cover?

1. Consultation

After listening to your concerns and analyzing the situation during the consultation, the lawyer will carefully review your legal documents if you hire our firm.

2. Contract review

The attorney will determine the services that you need and set a flat fee from the start. Then will proceed to review your agreement, and explain to you whether the deal is in your best interest.

3. Contract negotiation

If required, the attorney will negotiate better terms for the agreement and make amendments to your contract.

People we help

Business owners

Business partners or shareholders

Business buyers and sellers


Professional Service Providers

Entrepreneurs and Franchisees

How a contract review can make a difference for your business

Ensure legality

Make sure your business contracts are legally enforceable and that will stand up in court, if necessary.

Keep your company protected

Our contract review services are done strategically to identify risks and make sure you have a smooth transaction that benefits you.

Have beneficial business relationships

Ensure there are no misunderstandings with your business partners, clients, or other business owners and avoid conflicts.

Legal contract services for a variety of industries

Business negotiation attorney Danya Shakfeh

Award-winning attorney

The efficiency of her work and the satisfaction of her clients has made Danya Shakfeh the winner of 9 consecutive Super Lawyer awards.

Over a decade of experience

If you need a lawyer to review a contract, Danya Shakfeh is the right person to get help from. She has helped hundreds of owners save money by assessing them on the best decisions for their businesses.

Why choose our lawyer to review your contracts

Flat Fee Contract Review

Responsive Lawyers

Strategic Contracts and Services

Broad experience

How our services work


2. Speak with a contract review attorney

We learn about your personal and professional goals and discuss your options.

3. Contract review and feedback

Our lawyer reviews your business contract and you get detailed feedback to help you make the best decision for your situation. Our services include meeting with the attorney to ask questions and discuss all your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a contract review attorney help me?

A business contract review lawyer will help you ensure you’re getting into a beneficial agreement with the least amount of risk. 

Before you sign a contract, it’s essential that a lawyer makes a thorough examination of its content to verify if it is an enforceable document that will hold up in court. 

If you have an attorney to review your contract, you can enter a deal confidently, knowing that your business will enjoy the benefits of the transaction and there are minimum risks of disputes. 

What happens in the consultation?

In the consultation, we will listen to your current situation and discuss possible strategies for it. The commercial attorney will give you legal advice and let you know which tools you need to make the most out of your franchise opportunity while staying protected.

Why do I need to pay for a consultation?

Paying a consultation fee is the way our corporate law firm guarantees that you will receive the best service and expert legal guidance.

When you pay for your consultation, the transactional lawyer is able to allocate resources to provide you with the high-quality guidance your small business deserves.

What kind of businesses does the business law firm serve?

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to): 

● Manufacturing
● Technology
● Restaurants and hospitality businesses
● Retail
● Construction
● Services