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At Shakfeh Law, we believe in the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One way to prevent needing the cure in contracting is leaving a paper trail in contracting and in the execution..
We often assume that big or even medium-sized companies have their act together. We think these companies hire highly trained professionals to take care of various important matters. However, after reviewing many employment contracts for employees, I can not say..
It's tedious. It's mundane. But it's necessary. It's necessary to maintain proper corporate documents. What are those proper corporate documents? Business owners should maintain records of its annual corporate renewals. If you do not renew, your corporation could be dissolved..
Debt threats: Collectors' extreme tactics

via Al-Jazeera English.

'Posey's experience, while extreme, is far from uncommon. As the effects of the Great Recession continue to fester in neighborhoods across the country, more Americans than ever report being..
As a general rule, you're bound by every contract you sign. Therefore, be careful what you sign. Running a contract that you are contemplating to sign by a lawyer could potentially save you thousands of dollars. However, something people involved..