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Month: April 2011


Great interview! She discusses the necessity of the agency, why people are opposed to it, and the response to those oppositions.

Part 1

The Daily Show - Exclusive - Elizabeth..
Elizabeth Warren, the leader spearheading the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be on The Daily Show tonight with Jon Stewart. Don't miss it.

‘Will I Get In Trouble If…’

I get this question every once in awhile. A distressed person comes to me with a scenario, usually resulting from their own actions, and will ask if s/he will 'get in trouble.' What people need to understand that legally speaking,..
*drum roll please*... The Atlantic published an article on the 10 Most Fraud-Ridden States. My home-state, Florida, came in second. Interesting facts such as:
  • Of the 27 categories, fraud related to identity theft, debt collection, Internet services,..