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Business Purchase Agreement Templates and Kit

LOI Templates and Purchase Agreement Templates

Ideally, you would hire a lawyer to assist you in the business purchase. However, the transaction itself is a hefty cost, an we understand that engaging an attorney may not be on everyone’s budget. 

We created a solution for buyers who need guidance during the business acquisition at a low cost.

Tailored by experienced M&A attorneys, the DIY Buying a Business Kit includes the editable contracts and legal documents you need to close your business acquisition. From the Letter Of Intent to the Purchase Agreement, this comprehensive kit offers a valuable collection of carefully crafted contract templates and expert tips to streamline the business acquisition process.

What you will find:

  • Editable contract templates and legal documents
  • Due diligence checklists 
  • Acquisition framework and best practices

This kit is ideal for: 

  • People who are looking to engage in a low-risk transaction 
  • Business buyers interested in a low-priced business
  • First-time business buyers or seasoned entrepreneurs

Benefits of the Buying a Business Kit

Reduce Costs and Time

Save an approximate amount of $2000 that you would spend by hiring an attorney and have them write, review, and negotiate separate contracts. Also, save months of extensive due diligence and contract negotiations.

Competitive advantage

Lead the way in the negotiation. Make informed decisions, negotiate effectively, and minimize the risks of the transaction.

Purchase with confidence

Know exactly what step to take when purchasing a business and confidently navigate the complexities of the acquisition

What the kit includes:

With the document guide you will understand what contracts or legal documents you need and on what time of the business acquisition.

A non-disclosure agreement will ensure the protection of sensitive information and trade secrets by preventig the misuse of confidential information. This NDA works to protect both the buyer and the seller by maintaining the value of the target business and instilling trust between the parties.

This document will serve as a formal request to the business seller to prepare a list of documents for the buyer’s examination. By reviewing these files, you will have a better understanding of the business’s condition and identify possible risks.

The letter of intent, although meant to be non-binding, is a crucial document in the M&A process because it will define the preliminary terms of the transaction, and will serve as a foundation for the final purchase agreement. 

The APA is the contract that will close the purchase and transfer the ownership of the business. This document will help you specify which assets and liabilitites you will acquire and outline, payment details, and other terms of the purchase so both parties are clear on their rights and obligations.

Understand the implications of the transfer of assets and the tax consequences of the business sale. 

With this checklist, you will know the contracts and legal documents that will play a major role in the transaction, as well as the actions you must take to minimize the risks of the negotiation. 

Get the Kit For Buying a Business

LOI Templates and Purchase Agreement Templates

Buying a business is not just about having the right documents, but having the right strategy so you are protected as a buyer and do not waste your precious time and money. The strategy of buying a business revolves around having certain terms in your contracts and doing your due diligence properly.

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Business Purchase Kit FAQ

The Buying a Business kit is a good choice for people who have never bought a business before and are not sure of the M&A process, and also for those who already know what steps to take and are looking to streamline the transaction.

Yes, the templates are editable to be adapted to the needs of the transaction. It can be used for any kind of business across the industries.

A bulk sales notice is part of a buyer’s due diligence to make sure the seller does not owe taxes that would transfer to a buyer — even in an asset sale. The parties notify the Illinois Departments of Revenue and Labor to get a clearance letter for taxes. Additional rules may apply.

Low-risk transactions are those in which you are completely aware of the implications of the business and the purchase price is lower than $150,000

Yes, the templates are editable to be adapted to the needs of the transaction. It can be used for any kind of business across the industries.

Yes, the kit includes a Document Guide that will explain what contracts you will require at which moment.

Yes, the Kit covers the business acquisition from start to end. From the letter of intent, to the purchase agreement, and the post integration considerations regarding taxes and bulk sales.

You can complement the guide by looking into our free resources, which you can find in the law firm’s website blog posts and our YouTube Channel.

No, there are no additional services available, but you can find complementary information in our free resources, such as our Youtube Channel and blog.

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