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Contract Negotiation Lawyer

We review and negotiate your contracts for the best professional and personal outcomes for you

What our contract negotiation services include

1. Consultation

We learn about your personal and professional goals and discuss your options.

2. Contract review

Once you decide to hire us, our negotiation attorney will carefully review your contract and analyze how each provision affects your business and personal goals

3. Improvement

We explain your current situation, the risks the contract involves, and how can we make it more favorable for you.

4. Negotiation

We work on getting better terms for your business to reach an agreement that matches your goals

Some contracts we can help you with

B2B Contracts

Business-to-Client Contracts

Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

Commercial leases

Sale and Purchase Agreements


How can our legal services be a game changer for your business

Get the full potential of your contract

Our contract negotiation lawyer will get the deal that benefits you the most and is aligned with your personal and business goals.

Protect your business

Reduce the risk of conflict and keep your company protected in a long term.

Make more informed decisions

You will do what is best for your company once you understand what you are getting from the contract, the risks involved, and how can you be prepared.

Improve your business relationships

You will have a better communication with the other party and ensure that you both are on the same page.

Industries we serve

Business negotiation attorney Danya Shakfeh

Award-winning attorney

The efficiency of her work and the satisfaction of her clients has made Danya Shakfeh the winner of 9 consecutive Super Lawyer awards.

Over a decade of experience

If you need a lawyer to negotiate your business contracts, Danya Shakfeh is the one you've been looking for. As a business strategy attorney, she has helped hundreds of business owners make the best decisions for their business and save money.

How our business negotiation services work


2. Speak with a contract negotiation attorney

We learn about your personal and professional goals and discuss your options.

3. Contract review and negotiation

We review your contract and you get detailed feedback to help you make the best and informed decision for your situation. After discussing your options, we proceed to negotiate the contract with the other parties and make an agreement.