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What is Commercial Due Diligence?

What is commercial due diligence?

Commercial due diligence is the process of inspecting the business you are buying. It's similar to buying a house —you do an inspection before purchasing the house. The objective of due diligence is to have..

Why is it important not to skip due diligence

I get a lot of clients who have problems after they bought a business. Unfortunately, many of the problems were avoidable, but the biggest mistake we have seen by buyers —..

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is the process of examining the business details and data when buying a business. It's similar to inspecting a home before closing on the house. A buyer will want to check,..

How to Buy an LLC?

What are the steps of buying an LLC? Do you just exchange money and sign a few documents? How do you know if you should buy a particular business? How many questions do you get to ask about a business..

Asset Sale vs Stock Sale

If you are considering buying or selling your company, it is important to understand the few ways you can structure your business transaction. As a buyer, maybe you wish to sell fully, or perhaps you would like to continue owning..