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Business Law Contracts and Business Courses

Lawyer-drafted Contract Templates and Business Courses

We know that sometimes hiring a lawyer for your business startup or transaction is not always necessary or within your budget. We created some alternatives including DIY transaction kits, contract templates, and courses drafted by lawyers and business advisors.

Motiva Business Law Offers

Offering Description How to Access
How to Buy a Business DIY Kit This kit is perfect for buyers who are a buying a lower-value business and the risk is relatively low. The Kit includes an NDA template, Due diligence checklist letter, LOI template, asset purchase agreement template, pre-closing checklist, and general business acquisition guide. Purchase now
How to Start a Business Starting a business is risky and can cost a lot of money. And we recognize that not all startups need a lawyer right away. We created a course that helps you start your own business and guide you through the building blocks of your A-team, when you need certain professionals, and how to write a business plan. Purchase Now
1:1 Business Planning Workshop Legal protection is necessary for a business, but there is no business to protect if you have no profit. This is why having a business plan is important. Learn more and sign up

What is commercial law?

Commercial law is the law of transactions between businesses. It includes contracts, and government regulations. There are many laws that govern commercial law, depending on what kind of deal it is and where the parties are located. At an international level, certain treaties can govern, and locally, common law or the Uniform Commercial Code.
Each state has its commercial laws, and Illinois is not the exception. As a Chicago business owner, there are specific rules you need to comply with when it comes to starting a corporation, writing business contracts, following regulations, or franchising your business. An Illinois commercial attorney will help you make informed decisions and protect your business from its creation to its international expansion.
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