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Commercial Lawyer

We protect your business so you can focus on your goals.

How we make things easier for you

Strategic Legal Services

Our services are focused on growth, and we ensure they align to your business and personal goals.

Smooth Transactions

Business deals made simple. We do the hard part so only enjoy the benefits.

Long-term Results

Our services are an investment that will protect your company for a lifetime.

How can we help you?

startup business Attorney

I want to start a business

We help you:

•Choose the business structure that fits your business goals.
•Get the right contracts and documents in place.
•Go through the business formation process.

I need help with a contract

We welp you write, review, or negotiate:

• Business contracts
• Client contracts
• Terms of services
• Purchase Agreements
• Other legal documents

I want to buy or sell a business

We help you:

• Through the business transaction
• Conduct due diligence
• Write and review purchase agreements and contracts

I want to open a franchise

We help you:

• Through the franchising process
• Review the franchise disclosure agreement and corresponding contracts

What makes us different

Meet our founding commercial attorney

Danya Shakfeh

• Selected as a Rising Star lawyer for 9 consecutive years

• Over 12 years of experience

• Has helped many business owners to save hundreds of dollars by ensuring they take the best legal decisions for their companies. 

How our legal services work

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Confidently engage in any commercial activity. Our corporate lawyers got you covered.