Drop Dead Diva Applies Medieval Law – Does That Ring a Bell?


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Drop Dead Diva Applies Medieval Law – Does That Ring a Bell?

I’m a sucker for legal shows. Some that were out in the summer include Suits and Drop Dead Diva. I’m a sucker for the latter. Drop Dead Diva is about a model who dies and, because of a mistake, ends up in lawyer’s body. This lawyer is also overweight. (So, not only is this a legal show, it’s also a female-empowerment show too). In the latest episode, Bridezilla, there is a contract dispute between two parties. In the contract is an arbitration clause stating that parties must arbitrate using medieval (English) law. The judge obliged and ordered the parties to duke it out in a sword fight. In the end, justice prevailed and the victimized party had her day in court. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence, but it reminded me of one of my previous blog entries in which a Florida judge ordered two disputing parties to arbitrate their case according to Islamic law pursuant to the contract they entered into.

I had a few feelings about this. Firstly, I couldn’t help but to wonder if the episode was at all influenced by that Florida case. If so, what kind of message were was the show trying to send? Was it supporting the Florida judge’s decision? Or was it mocking it? Was it comparing Islamic Law to European Medieval law? (I hope not because that’s highly inaccurate). Interestingly enough, after the victim wins under Medieval law, one of the attorneys asked the judge about it and the judge said something to the effect of ‘I believe that justice always prevails.’ (paraphrased) Not sure I agree with that either, but a line like that would certainly neutralize any reference to the Florida decision – if that were the case at all. In any case, great show.

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