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Technology Attorney

Focus on your tech company while we keep it protected.

How can our technology lawyer help you?

Privacy Laws and Regulations

We ensure our clients comply with the technology regulations and draft the necessary documents for their protection.

Technology Service Agreements

Our tech contracts attorney will draft, review, and negotiate contracts for the development, distribution, sourcing, and licensing of technology and data assets. This way, we help our clients to safely commercialize their products and get involved in strategic alliances.

Tech Mergers and Acquisitions

Our tech attorney gives legal assistance to business owners that are involved in technology transactions and want to buy or sell a business.

Technology Law Firm Services

• IT consulting
• Cybersecurity Requirements
• Website Terms of Services
• Privacy Policies
• Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

• Software Development Agreements
• Software as a Service (SAAS) Agreements
• Business-to-Business Contracts
• Vendor Contracts
• Software License Agreements
• User Licensing Agreements
• Master Services Agreements
• Joint Venture Agreements

• Technology Transfer Agreements
• Letter of Intent
• Purchase Agreements
• Due Diligence

IT businesses we serve

Why choose our corporate technology lawyers?

Our founding technology contracts lawyer

Danya Shakfeh

• Selected as a Rising Star lawyer for 9 consecutive years

• Over 12 years of experience

• Has helped many business owners to save hundreds of dollars by ensuring they take the best legal decisions for their companies. 

Reviews from happy business owners like you

Jai Belagur

As a technology services business, I needed an attorney who could help me with some difficult contract agreements I had to negotiate to win business. Being a startup I was looking for a knowledgeable attorney who was willing to personally work on my contracts at a cost I could afford. I was glad I found Danya Shakfeh, who exceeded my expectations in the quality and timeliness of work she delivered while patiently educating me on the contract nuances, which came in extremely handy while negotiating the contracts with my clients. Now I can sleep well knowing that my business is not exposed to undue risks, while knowing that affordable and trustworthy help is just a phone call away as I grow my business.

    We are technology lawyers who protect your business, dreams, and future.