Prevention is Better Than Cure


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Prevention is Better Than Cure


My friend’s conversations and facebook feed are full of ways to be fit and healthy. Some drinks smoothies for nutrition. Some exercise regularly. Some take supplements to combat free radicals in their body and some live ‘green.’ In the end, all these people are trying to live healthy lives and treat their bodies in the best way to possible so they see us gracefully into old age.

Our businesses need the same care. Often times, business owners start a business and do not it keep it ‘healthy.’ They do not update their corporate documents. They do not respect corporate formalities. They do not maintain proper records of their transactions. One day, an ‘illness’ (ie, a legal dispute) strikes and the business owner does not have the proper documents to defend themselves. The business owner did not respect the corporate formalities or follow the laws leaving the business owner either building a weak case or defense, or simply having to deal with the consequences. Is it extremely important that a business owner does his or her research or consult with an attorney to take care of the legal aspects of the business.

So my fellow business owners, do not forget the old adage: ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure.’

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