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In the course of doing business, a company can become involved in different types of business disputes, including those involving the contracts a business enters into with other companies or customers. When one party to a contract claims that the other party has not met its contractual obligations, litigation may be necessary to determine whether a breach of contract occurred and the actions that should be taken in response. 

Shakfeh Law LLC provides legal help to businesses and individuals who need to address breach of contract claims. Attorney Danya Shakfeh is a business law attorney with more than 10 years of legal experience, and as a small business owner, she understands the importance of resolving contract disputes in a way that protects a company’s financial interests.

Addressing Breach of Contract 

Contract disputes typically involve the claim that one party has not met the requirements specified in the terms of the contract. There are different types of contract breaches, but most cases that require litigation involve a major or material breach in which one party’s non-performance undermined the purpose of the contract or made it impossible for the other party to fulfill its requirements. However, even a minor breach in which a party partially fulfilled their requirements may require litigation if this breach caused significant financial harm to the other party. Parties may also need to address an anticipatory breach in which one party notifies the other that it will not be able to fulfill the terms of the contract.

In some cases, parties may be able to resolve a breach of contract by renegotiating the contract’s terms or making other types of agreements. If the breach of contract claim needs to be resolved through litigation, the court will first determine whether the contract is enforceable. In some cases, certain provisions of the contract may be found to be unenforceable, or the court may decide that the contract as a whole is null and void. 

If the court finds that the contract is enforceable and determines that a breach of contract occurred, it may order one or more of the following remedies:

  • Compensatory damages – The breaching party may be required to make a monetary payment to the other party to address the financial harm that occurred because the contract’s terms were not fulfilled.
  • Punitive damages – These damages may be awarded as a punishment for wrongful acts such as fraud or entering into a contract in bad faith.
  • Liquidated damages – A contract’s terms may specify that a breaching party will pay these types of damages to the other party.
  • Specific performance – The court may order the breaching party to complete its requirements under the terms of the contract.
  • Cancellation – The non-breaching party may choose to cancel the contract, and it may ask the court to award restitution, or a monetary payment from the breaching party that would return the non-breaching party to the position it was in before the breach occurred.

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If your business has suffered harm because another party has not fulfilled the terms of a contract, or if you have been accused of breaching the terms of a contract, you will want to work with an experienced attorney to determine the steps you can take to protect your business. Attorney Danya Shakfeh can provide the representation you need in these cases, including negotiating a resolution that will meet your needs or representing you in the courtroom. To learn more about how we can assist with your contractual needs, contact us or call us at 630-517-5529. We provide legal help to businesses in Chicago, Elmhurst, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Villa Park, Lombard, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, and throughout Cook and DuPage Counties.

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