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We help Chicago business owners make the best decisions for their businesses from the beginning. 


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Looking to start a new business in Chicago, but don’t know where to begin?

Our startup attorneys at Motiva Business Law are glad to guide you through this business venture. Whether you want to start a business in Hinsdale or in any other Chicagoland area, our lawyers will help you set up the legal documents and follow procedures to ensure your business is protected and compliant with Illinois business law. We will help you make the wisest decisions from the beginning so you only have to focus on the profits of your business.

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Choosing the right business entity

Our business startup attorneys help to set up and incorporate any of the following business structures:

Sole Proprietorships: Unregistered businesses that are owned and run by just one person. As a sole proprietor, you are responsible for paying your personal and self-employment taxes on your business profits. With this type of entity, you will also be liable for debts and legal actions against your business, as your company is not a separate legal entity from the owner.

Partnerships: In this business structure, two or more people share the ownership and profits of a business. There are two common types of partnerships:

  • Limited Partnerships (LP): Consist of at least one general partner, with unlimited personal liability, and one limited partner, who is liable to the extent of the investment he has contributed to the partnership. 
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): In this type of general partnership, the business is a separate legal entity from its members. The partners benefit from pass-through taxation and they are somehow protected from debts and other liabilities according to what they invested in the company.

LLCs: Limited liability companies are the most common business entities for the level of protection it offers and their flexibility. With an LLC, the personal assets of the members are protected and they may be able to select their taxation model.

Corporations:  With this type of legal entity, the company is separate from its owners, who are called shareholders. Corporations offer the strongest protection from liability but also require a higher investment and extensive reporting procedures. Unlike the rest of the business entities, they pay income on their profits and can be subject to double taxation.

  • C corps: They are the default corporation under IRS rules. They pay taxes at the corporate level and face the possibility of double taxation. 
  • S corps: This taxation entity allows profits and losses of the business to be “passed-through” and reported on the owners’ personal income tax. 

Our business formation services in Chicago

We provide you with the legal assistance you need to start your business. Our startup lawyers in Chicago offer a variety of services for LLCs, corporations, and partnerships, including: 

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Meet our business startup attorney Danya Shakfeh

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For 9 consecutive years, Danya has received the Rising Star badge from Super Lawyers, due to her excellence in her legal services.

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Danya has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in Cook County, Lombard, Naperville, Oak Park, and throughout Illinois to set up their businesses for a successful beginning.

How our legal services work


2. Speak with a startup attorney

We will take the proper amount of time to listen to your concerns and devise a strategy aligned with your business objectives.

Not located near Hinsdale? No worries. Our startup attorney can set up a virtual meeting for you.

3. Get the help you need

Before moving forward, the startup lawyer will notify you of the total cost of the services. Once you hire the lawyer, we will immediately take care of your business formation matter.

Serving small businesses in DuPage County

We work to make your dream business come true. We provide business formation legal assistance to:


Frequently Asked Questions about Startups

What should I consider before choosing a business entity?

Choosing the right business structure depends on several factors, including:

  • The number of people involved in your business
  • Whether you are seeking outside investment
  • To what extent you would like to limit your liability 
  • Tax implications

A startup business attorney in Glenview will work with your accountant to gauge your options and help you select the business entity that fits your needs and brings the best tax advantages.

What legal contracts does my startup need?

The legal contracts your business needs depend on the structure of your business, the services you provide, the people who contribute to your organization, and other factors. Among the contracts startups typically need, you will find the following:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Operating Agreements
  • Terms of services and privacy policies
  • Corporate bylaws
  • B2B contracts

What can a business law attorney do for my business in Illinois?

• We provide outsourced general counsel for small businesses. Motiva Business Law’s attorneys offer a wide range of services for small business owners:

• Our corporate law firm writes and reviews contracts, operating and shareholder agreements, and other necessary documents that will ensure healthy business relationships and the best protection against disputes and legal issues among Chicago business owners

•Helping you with the regulatory compliance of your business

•Conducting due diligence in business transactions, so you can make informed business decisions.

• Legal assistance to franchisees 

If I am going to start a business with a member of my family or friend, do we really need to sign a contract?

Internal conflicts between business owners happen the most frequently among relatives for not stating clearly each’s roles and responsibilities. Whoever you are starting a business with, a contract lawyer will advise you to have an agreement that formalizes your business relationship and prevents any legal issues. 

Do I need to be concerned by data privacy laws?

If you own a website or you collect data from your clients, you should ensure you are being compliant with data privacy laws. An attorney can help you create privacy policies, terms of use, or other legal documents for your website that will keep you covered from any legal issue. 

What happens at the consultation?

In a 30-minute consultation, the attorney will listen to your concerns, learn about your business objectives and explain your alternatives.

What kind of businesses does the law firm serve?

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

● Manufacturing
● Technology
● Restaurants and hospitality businesses
● Retail
● Construction
● Services

In what area does the law firm serve? 

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to):

● Oak Brook
● DuPage County
● Cook County
● Chicago
● Will County
● Elmhurst
● Geneva
● Oak Park
● Hinsdale
● Burr Ridge
● Darien
● Downers Grove 
● Lombard
● Willowbrook 
● Westchester
● Villa Park 
● Addison
● Bensenville
● Elk Grove Village