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The business world of technology is fast-evolving and complex. With the emerging new technologies comes the challenge of navigating risks and complying with new Internet laws. As an IT business, it’s hard to be informed about the evolving regulations and protect your company while making your business grow. But that’s what our technology lawyers are here for.

Our technology law firm will ensure your commercial contracts get the most favorable outcome for your business in Cook County. We draft your agreements so you get the best compensation for your tech services, ensure your transactions are strategically aligned with your business objectives, and protect your company and its intellectual property.

Why do you need an IT lawyer?

Technology companies rely on business contracts to engage with their clients, distributors, and suppliers. Solid and enforceable commercial contracts are the foundation of growth for IT corporations. 

Through technology agreements, telecommunication businesses can make sure their products or software are acquired, supported, distributed, and used as intended. Every tech transaction has different needs since the legal requirements for the same kind of service depend on several factors.

A technology attorney can help you understand what kind of agreement works best for you, how can you get better compensation for your services, and protect your company from unexpected legal issues. With the legal help of a lawyer in Naperville, you will be able to safely engage in technology transactions related to outsourcing, distribution, commercial SaaS, licensing, and development of technology assets. If you have an e-commerce or utilize a website to promote your products, we will take care of the data privacy concerns and legal requirements your site has to comply with.

We value the hard work and innovation of tech entrepreneurs. As a technology law firm, we want to make sure that e-commerces, software developers, and other members of the community get the best benefits for the services they offer. That’s why Motiva Business Law‘s commercial and contract law attorneys are here to guide them from their business formation, to the distribution of their products, or even during a merger or acquisition.

Technology corporate law services

Every company that relies on technology and manages data faces legal complexities along the way. Motiva Business Law works to make it simple for IT entrepreneurs and help them have smooth deals while making sure they are complying with the law.

We help technology business owners succeed by helping them draft, review and negotiate the following contracts:

  • Asset and technology transfer agreements
  • Website terms of use, privacy policies, and GDPR compliance
  • Software licenses
  • OEM, distribution and reseller agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Employment agreements
  • IT outsourcing
  • SaaS Agreement
  • Consulting agreements and scope of work
  • Master services agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Manufacturing Agreements

Our IT lawyers serve different sectors of the technology industry, including those related to software and hardware, telecommunications, cloud storage, robotics, SaaS, FinTechs, developers, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

Make the most out of your tech company

  • Protect your company Ensure your contracts are made to minimize risks and prevent lawsuits, disputes, or an incorrect care of your intellectual property.
  • Have a fair compensation Most consultants undercharge for their services. We'll make sure you are getting the true value for what you offer
  • Comply with law GDPR, HIPAA? What's even that? You don't need to worry about it. Our corporate law attorneys will make sure your website complies with federal, international and Illinois requirements.
  • Have smooth transactions We'll ensure you are in the right path throughout your business transaction and the contracts are written in your best terms.

Meet our technology lawyer Danya Shakfeh

Awarded lawyer

She has received the Super Lawyers award for 9 consecutive years, making her one of the most trusted lawyers in Chicago.

More than 12 years of experience with business contracts

Her 5-star Google reviews support her: Danya always puts the interest of her clients first and works to get them the best outcome.

Why are we different

  • Flat fee IT lawyer For most contracts and services, we will inform you the fixed cost of our services before you hire us.
  • Strategic contracts We will immediately take care of your matter and constantly inform you about its progress. We are also interested in your feedback and open to any modifications that are in your best legal interest.
  • Responsive tech attorneys Forget about chasing attorneys in search for information. Our technology law firm will punctually inform you on our progress and solve all your doubts.
  • Long-term focus Our services are crafted so you can obtain endurable results that foresee possible scenarios.

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