Unique Business Owners: IP Sofacto Docketing


2021 Midwest Road, Suite 309
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Unique Business Owners: IP Sofacto Docketing


What is IP docketing? Meet Russell and Huda Krad Baylin, the founders of IP Sofacto, a global IP Docketing company that tracks and calendars the activity related to the process of obtaining a patent or trademark.

Russell and Huda Krad, besides being business partners, are a couple and have a family together. They share with us the challenge it implies to keep their company afloat while carrying out their family duties.

In this interview, they tell us about how Russell’s layoff was what motivated them to create a company of their own. After several years of hesitation, they decided to start IP Sofacto, where they were able to exploit their full potential and the capabilities of the people who joined their business.

We also talked about how the docketer profession or even being a lawyer can be a huge challenge seen from our immigrant background, where our culture does not prompt us to take risks.

Huda Krad and Russell have built a strong company with a happy teamwork. With a turnover of zero, Russell shares with us the secret to having a satisfied workforce and the method he uses to have more efficiency and harmony at their workplace.

Join us in this interview and learn how can you create a business from every passion, regardless of what it is.

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