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Business Formation Attorney

Our legal experts will ensure you make the best decisions from the beginning, so you can confidently start running your dream business.

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to starting a business in Chicago. Moments when the fear of failure becomes overwhelming. But with our business formation attorney, there's nothing to fear.

Entrepreneurs can confidently start their company, knowing that our business formation attorney works with determination to protect their assets, avoid partner disputes, and help them save on taxes. 


You don’t have to feel lost when starting your business anymore! Our startup attorney will give you all the tools you need to have a successful beginning!

LLC Formation Attorney

Our business formation services

These are some ways our Business Formation Attorney can help entrepreneurs in Chicago get started


Business formation

Make sure you're doing things well from the beginning. Our startup lawyer will help you determine the type of business entity with the most tax benefits and advantages according to your business needs.


Want the highest level of protection from liability? Whether you are an S-corp or C-corp, we make sure you understand your responsibilities as a shareholder of a corporation. Our attorneys will ensure this is the best entity for you and explain all in regards to it.

Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs)

The flexibility of the LLC structure makes them choices for many businesses. Our LLC formation attorney will explain how this entity works for your business and take care of your interests,

Contracts, Shareholder Agreements, and Bylaws

Make things easy for everyone engaged in your business. We help you create Operating Agreements and other contracts to ensure you'll manage your business without trouble and create beneficial relationships in the long term.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs)

Does your business have multiple owners? Our business formation attorney will ensure all the partners are protected from liability from the actions of other partners.

Regulatory compliance

Many doubts arise when forming a business. We provide legal assistance on which are the procedures that your startup business must comply with and help you have everything in order.

Business formation? Here’s why you should leave it in the hands of our attorneys

The benefits of working with our Business Formation Attorneys include:

Start off on the right foot

Businesses that do things well from the beginning are more likely to succeed. With the proper counseling and business structure, our lawyers will ensure you take the best decisions for your business formation.

Save money and keep piece of mind

With expert legal advice, you'll be able to take the right decisions and avoid wasting money on disputes. We will also set up everything so your LLC can be protected from any liability.

Zero legal worries

We’ll make sure your business complies with all the legal regulations, so you’ll just focus on giving your best to your company.

This is what entrepreneurs have to say about our startup attorneys

Here are some of the reasons why our clients keep choosing us over other business formation attorneys in Chicago

Our awards

We provide the best legal assistance for your small business. Our awards are living proof of our quality services.

This is what you'll get from our business formation attorney

We offer our clients complete legal assistance

Responsive Attorney

According to industry reports, the number one complaint clients have about their attorneys is a lack of communication. At Motiva Business Law, you will not have that problem. We are very respectful of the attorney-client relationship, which is why our lawyers will constantly keep you updated on your business formation and will never ghost you.

Prevention-oriented firm

The startup attorney will take action to forecast and prevent all the possible outcomes that may appear in your business formation, and take the necessary steps to prevent potential risks.

Easy to understand

The attorney will break down each key aspect of the LLC formation and make sure you understand your rights and obligations as a small business owner. No law-lingo. Just what you need to know.

Flat fees

For most business formation documents, our clients will pay a transparent flat fee, so they can budget more easily

Advice from a startup lawyer

Danya Shakfeh, founding attorney of Motiva Business Law, describes the basic concepts of LLCs

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a business formation attorney do for my business in Chicago?

Motiva Business Law’s startup attorney can help you by

•Guiding you on your LLC formation, or whichever business entity fits your needs.

•Writing and reviewing contracts for business formation such as Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, or any legal documents that may be required for starting your business.

•Writing terms of service agreements, policies, or related contracts.

•Providing legal advice on licensing

•Providing general guidance on business taxes.

What types of business structures does the law firm serve?

The business formation attorney will provide guidance to clients from any business structure, including

•Sole proprietorships
•General Partnerships
•Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
•Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

What happens at the consultation?

In the consultation, the startup attorney will learn more about your LLC or corporation formation and discuss possible strategies for it, so she can give you the best legal advice.

Does the firm charge flat fees or hourly?

In most situations, our law firm charges fixed fees. When there are many unknowns, the firm charges hourly. Contract writing and reviews and most business startup documents are billed using flat fees.

Why do I need to pay for a consultation?

Paying a consultation fee allows us to provide quality service and expert legal guidance from our startup attorney. When you pay for your consultation, we are able to allocate resources so the lawyer can provide you with high-quality guidance regarding your business formation.

Do I have to go to the office for a consultation?

You can have a meeting with the business formation lawyer by Zoom or go to our law offices, located at 2021 Midwest Road, Suite 200, Oak Brook, IL 60523

Which areas does the contract law firm serve?

From our office in Oak Brook, Illinois we serve businesses throughout the area including but not limited to DuPage County, Cook County, Chicago, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Darien,

Launch your startup business without worries! We'll make sure you have a good start.