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Oak Brook Attorney for Buying and Selling Businesses

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Oak Brook Business Attorney For Buying and Selling a Business

As your company grows, one way to expand your market share is to buy another business. However, when doing so, you want to make sure you follow the right procedures so you can make informed decisions. It is essential to work with a skilled business law attorney so there are no surprises after everyone has signed the dotted line.

At Motiva Business Law, we help our clients’ purchases or sales of their businesses go as smoothly as possible. Attorney Danya Shakfeh has over 12 years of experience in business law, and she is a business owner herself.  This provides her with invaluable insights when addressing business-related legal matters. With our help, you can be sure your company will be prepared for success once your purchase or sale is complete.

Legal Issues When Buying or Selling a Business

The most common mistakes we see with buyers or sellers of businesses include:

  1. Failing to have financial advisors to determine the value of the business
  2. Failing to do due diligence, and
  3. Failing to create the proper safeguards in the purchase agreements.

These mistakes lead to a lot of conflict and uncertainty later down the line.

During a “merger” or “acquisition” – which are different ways of buying a business – Motiva Business Law can provide legal help to ensure that all aspects of the transaction are considered properly. We can help negotiate the terms of the merger or acquisition and ensure that it will meet the satisfaction of everyone. During the process, we can assist with:

  • Due diligence – We obtain the necessary documentation from all parties and ensure that it is complete and accurate. This documentation may include corporate records, information about intellectual property owned by a company, and debts or other obligations. By reviewing these documents, we can identify any red flags that could delay the transaction or cause other concerns.
  • Corporate governance – Depending on how a business is structured, the procedures and policies that the owners or board follow may play a role in the merger or acquisition process.
  • Contracts – It is important to gain a full understanding of everyone’s rights and obligations an we will review existing contracts to check . If necessary, we can assist in the renegotiation of any contracts.
  • Employment matters – We can review the parties’ employment contracts, employee handbooks, and policies and procedures and assist in updating these documents to meet the ongoing needs of the new company.
  • Tax considerations – There may be a variety of tax issues involved in the merger or acquisition process. Alongside your accountant, we help you determine the best ways to address these concerns and complete any restructuring to minimize the tax burden on the new company.

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When merging with, buying, or selling your company, you will want to be sure all legal aspects of the transaction are addressed properly. During this process, we can help you identify any issues that may affect the transaction, and we can ensure that you take the proper measures to ensure your new company’s ongoing success. Contact Motiva Business Law today at 630-517-5529 to learn more about the legal services we can provide. We work with businesses throughout the Chicago area, including DuPage County, Cook County, Elmhurst, Willowbrook, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge, Lombard, and Villa Park.

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