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Oak Brook Business Disputes Lawyer

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Attorney for Business Divorce and Other Disputes in Cook County and DuPage County

Operating and managing a business requires a great deal of one’s time and attention. This is true even when everything is going smoothly with a business, but things can become even more complex when disputes related to the business arise. Whether business disputes are internal or external, it is important to work with an experienced business law attorney to ensure that these matters can be resolved efficiently and effectively.

Motiva Business Law assists businesses of all types and sizes in addressing and resolving disputes. Attorney Danya Shakfeh has over 10 years of experience as an attorney and small business owner, and she has provided legal representation in many different types of business disputes. She is prepared to work with you to help you resolve these issues in a way that will allow you to continue operating your business successfully.

Types of Business Disputes

In some cases, business disputes may be internal, meaning that they involve the company’s owners, officers, or employees. In other cases, they may be external, involving other businesses, clients, or governmental agencies. Business litigation may be necessary to resolve these matters. We can help you determine your options when addressing internal or external disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes – If a party to a business contract does not follow the contract’s terms correctly, you may need to determine your options for settling a breach of contract case. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a resolution to these matters, while in others, contract litigation may be necessary.
  • Franchise disputes – Both franchisors and franchisees must uphold the terms of their franchise agreement. We can help you determine your options for resolving disagreements in these cases or taking legal action against the other party in an agreement.
  • Fraud – If an owner or officer of your business has broken the law, we can help you understand your rights and your options for addressing these matters, including helping other partners avoid liability based on one partner’s illegal actions. We can also help you determine how to respond if you suspect or have uncovered evidence of embezzlement by an employee or officer.
  • Unfair competition – If another business is engaging in illegal, anticompetitive behavior, we can help you report this to the proper authorities, and we can work with you to ensure that you receive restitution for the harm caused to your business.
  • Partner disputes – In some cases, disagreements may arise between partners or shareholders, including disputes related to the company’s day-to-day operations, responsibility for business liabilities, or the company’s goals and objectives. A comprehensive partnership agreement can help business owners avoid these types of disputes by defining the partners’ roles and responsibilities, and it may also include language specifying how partner disputes will be resolved, including through mediation or arbitration.

Completing a Business Divorce

If disputes between business partners or shareholders cannot be resolved, the parties may have no choice but to go their separate ways. However, determining how to handle a “business divorce” can often be a complex matter, since the partners will want to ensure that their financial interests will be protected.

In many cases, a partnership agreement will specify how matters will be handled when a partner leaves the company. It may include terms regarding the buyout of a partner’s shares or interest in the company, as well as the procedures followed to determine the value of the business and divide the assets owned by the company. We can help you ensure that the terms of your partnership contract are followed correctly, and we can identify any issues that may complicate this process. We will help you through all the steps for a complete buyout.

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Legal disputes can have a significant impact on your business’s bottom line, so you will want to determine the best ways to resolve these issues as quickly and effectively as possible. At Shakfeh Law LLC, we can address your concerns in these cases and help you understand the best options for success. Contact us at 630-517-5529 to learn more about how we can help your business succeed. We work with businesses throughout Cook County and DuPage County, including Elmhurst, Lombard, Chicago, Willowbrook, Downers Grove, Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, Villa Park, and Hinsdale.

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