Exhibit A(ttorneys) podcast with Jordan Ostroff: Business as Art and Self-expression


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Exhibit A(ttorneys) podcast with Jordan Ostroff: Business as Art and Self-expression


One of the best ways to show your way of self-expression is through your business.

Every product and service that you offer, carries within a dream, years of effort and sacrifice that have made your business possible.

As a corporate lawyer and a business owner herself, Danya Shakfeh is aware of the difficulties that are faced on a daily basis to keep up with a business. She empathizes with her fellow business owners and works to ensure that they and their companies are protected.

In this interview with the attorney Jordan Ostroff, Danya shares what motivated her into choosing business law and how she uses it as a form of self-expression.

Raised by immigrant parents, Danya was the first lawyer from her family, and although she grew up in Florida, she moved to Illinois at a short age.

When she first came out from school, Danya thought that in order to be successful, she had to act the way other lawyers did. As a female lawyer, and being part of a minority, she did not know how to get the experience she needed.

But as she grew older, she realized there is a way out of stereotypes and that she can imprint her true essence in a contract, a consultation, or any business law service she provides.

Watch this interview and see how Danya Shakfeh manages to be a successful business lawyer while using creative tactics that make her unique.

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