February 19, 2019


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Day: February 19, 2019


Spring is right around the corner and it's time to go out and about again with your children. If you are a parent, that means school it's time for more field trips and attending birthday parties. And with field trips..

Are Oral Contracts Still Contracts?

"I don't know what to do. We agreed about this in a conversation, but we didn't sign any contracts." This is a common concern that clients come to me with. Many people mistakenly believe that an oral agreement is meaningless...
Contracts have many important components but over my years of practice, there is one main reason why people end up in court. The reason is... ... non-performance... that was obvious, right? This is a classic 'breach of contract' claim. This..

Fraudulent? Or Just ‘Sleazy?’

(This article was originally appeared in the Patch.com.) Many prospective clients call my office claiming they have been defrauded and want to explore their legal remedies. This seems to be exceptionally common in a sales context (specifically car..