July 16, 2013


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Day: July 16, 2013


Got Hoodwinked in a Contract?

We've all been there. You sat at a table at opposite sides, excited about a new prospect, person, or product. You sign at the X and then... And then .... nothing. You paid the money or expected something in return...

‘Limited Time Offer’

These are words irritating enough coming from pushy salespeople (and now law schools), but might be outright unethical coming from an attorney in some circumstances. Then there's real life. The fact is that any time you see trouble, legal or..
Let's imagine a scenario involving Larry Lawyer and Carl Client. The case is a breach of oral contract for the sale of a portion of a grocery store in small town. Carl gave his portion of the store to the..
Food labels are insane these days. Even many informed consumers are often thrown off with labeling such as 'made with 100% xyz' But take a quick look at the ingredients are well... get even more confused. And because most of..
Abraham Shakfeh, managing partner of Shakfeh Law's Tampa office, had the recent privilege of presenting at a diversity workshop. It was well attended by judges and other members of the bar seeking a greater understanding of Muslim clients and parties.