July 2010

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Good Luck, Bar Examiners!

When you read the words 'Board of Bar Examiners,' what comes to your mind? For me, it's a bunch of old, white (mostly bald, some overweight) men wearing grey suits sitting at a long oval table in leather chairs with..

Litigation Attorneys for the Win?

One of the attorneys I work with saw all the work I was doing for an upcoming trial and said 'once you're done with this, you'll want to be a transactional lawyer.'

Interestingly enough, a part of me enjoys..
The internet has been around in the mainstream since the early 90's... but cyberlaw- hmm, not so much. Finally, governments are catching on the reality of this beast called the internet. Specifically, cyber attacks, cybercrimes, and cyberbullying have been..
So here I am trying to get comfy here in my little corner on the internet, but first I had to write my obligatory legal disclaimer before I could feel at ease. I looked at some other disclaimers to get..
Ok, this isn't quiiite law related, but it's me-related.

Check out this article on America.gov about the Islamic Society of North America's annual convention

Danya Shakfeh, who also attended the convention, said the event provides an opportunity for Muslims to meet...